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 Attention as the new currency

Business is changing, needing to be increasingly responsive to shifts in the market and demanding ever-tighter deadlines, but market research has failed to keep pace. We provide a platform for buying eye tracking services – at fast speed, low cost and of highest quality. Primer’s system offers agile insight; no briefs and no proposals mean that you can test early and test often at key instances in the concept process.

 We deliver:

– Advanced online eyetracking technique

– Fast and efficient

– Multimedial eyetracking expertise (+10 yrs)

– Benchmark comparison

– Multi-country

– More impact= Less media-waste


Having your ads tested as A-/B test?  Delivering more adverts in one test is more efficient (extra ad only €125) and allows to present results in a workshop setting.
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  “Because attention is no longer the right of a brand, but a privilege, a reward, which you have to deserve”

– Keith Weed, Chief Marketing Unilever –








"Primers are everywhere. He doesn't see it, but he does. Programming his subconscious"