Size does matter: Banners


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We aggregated results from 3 diferent banner sizes: Billboard, Leaderboard and Rectangle. As size does matter, it was no suprise to see that larger banner sizes are gaining more attention. But largest size received almost 4x more impact compared to the smaller sizes. While the costs were only twice as high, making it twice as more efficient. Together with advertsisers like Xs4all we can advice to go for larger banner sizes and to built more space for your ad.

Format Rectangle Leaderboard Billboard
Ad noted 60% 67% 93%
Share attention 6% 7% 22%

eff index

Read the full case on Marktingfacts (Dutch):

Case 2

T-MOBILE (adaptive during campaigning)

Depending on the campaign and the awareness it drives, sometimes adjustments are needed to drive extra awareness on your KPI’s. T-mobile made their pricing more dominant in their mobile ad, driving a higher price-confrontation from 36% to 60%.

T-mobile price.JPG