ABN AMRO Social ads


Both Twitter ads are communicating different features of the new ABN AMRO app. In general ABN AMRO did everything right with focus on 1 proposition per ad, clear branding cues with immediate brand recognition in the visual.

Still we could find some improvements based on our results. Ad “Pas kwijt” was better able to communicate as the visual was less full. Ad “Pay with one finger” had too much text overlap in the visual, making more people avoiding the entire ad. Learning 1 with social ads is that the visual needs to invite to take notice of futher elements.


A. Pas kwijt B. Betalen met een vinger
Average attention 1,15 sec. 0,96 sec.
Time to first fixation 0,69 sec. 0,75 sec.
% Branding 48% 33%
% Copy text 76% 57%
% Text below 40% 48%
% Visual 78% 74%