Do you need a quick check on how your audience will search on your website and discover which route it takes? We will give our testgroup the desired instruction, immediately followed by the exposure of your webpage. With minimal instructions we explore the instintive reactions on your website.


Beside heatmaps, our report is build on:

  • The succession rate: % finding the target within 3 seconds each page
  • How long it takes to find the target
  • Which route they make (scanpath)



We measure how many people take the desired route: How many did succeed by clicking the right funnel over what time. We measure this route under larger sample sizes,  to be able to analyse the open answers related to the user experience. In our analyses we compare eye- with clicking behavior to see the friction behind.



We analyse the open text by running coding, sentiment and textmining analyses. We link this to clickbehavior to see what determines the success and what are the explanations for frictions.

We deliver within 4 workdays a thorough usability study from €425,- (3 pages) based on n=100. Eyetracking can be in combination or separately. See our Pricing for details.


Most used techniques



Text mining